Getting to grips with GitHub

So, I’ve been signed up to GitHub for around a year but never really ‘got it’.

That is, until I started meeting people in the industry, talking to them, reading their blogs and realising that GitHub is more than just source control. It’s also a way to share and display your code to others, many employers now use GitHub as a tool to check if an applicant is ‘up to the task’ of working for them. It’s good to see what kind of things people work on outside of their job, purely out of interest.

GitHub also allows you to create Gists (Snippets of formatted code), these help people writing their blogs, as shown below:

This kind of tool is invaluable to developers who blog or want to share their code with people, as it allows easy access and syntax highlighting for varying languages.

So now that I’ve ‘got’ GitHub, I’ve started adding some of my University project code to it, now that it’s been marked ofcourse! Don’t expect miracles, some of it’s a bit rough around the edges, but it works (to an extent).

Time to take this Git seriously….

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